COMPSTAT for Justice

Can racism in policing be solved?

How do you solve the problem of racism in policing? Do you invest in anti-bias trainings? Campaign for local DAs that will hold corrupt officers accountable? Make officers live next to the people they are sworn to protect? Or is solving the problem even possible without fixing the larger problem of American racism?

CPE believes it is possible to begin solving the problems of race and policing right now. We can do that by measuring police behaviors and holding them accountable to our shared values in communities across the country

A New Data Process

The Center for Policing Equity has been working for a decade to build a process to hold police officers accountable. Google engineers have joined us in this work.

The process is called COMPSTAT for Justice.

For most law enforcement agencies around the world, COMPSTAT is a system that leverages data on crime to help police focus their patrol resources on their goal of reducing crime. This same process can be used to hold departments accountable to their values of fairness.

In addition to crime data, we will also track police stops, use of force data, and survey data. By combining these data with census data and other geographic markers, we will be able to pinpoint and differentiate the portion of racial disparities police cannot control (e.g., poverty) and the portion they can (e.g., policies).

These analyses will empower police departments and communities to collaborate on next steps and strategies to reduce racial disparities that they can control. The process is scalable and possible.

COMPSTAT for Justice is a key part of America’s policing future.